Check your spam folder if you're not getting emails from NuzzleBuzz and be sure to whitelist. 

To get verified you will need to have your legal name filled out in your profile and submit a photo of yourself and a copy of your passport or ID. (Settings - Verification)

Privacy Settings
This will allow you to change who can post on your profile wall or view your profile information. To change your privacy settings vist Settings › Privacy

Two-Factor Authentication
Enable two-factor authentication to log in with a code as well as a password Settings › Two-Factor Authentication

Points System
These points can be converted to wallet money for example every 100 points = $1 so if you reach 100 points you will have $1 and can transfer to money in your wallet to use it internally in NuzzleBuzz for ad space or buy a pro package.

Earn Points
You may earn points by making posts, comments, reactions, and more! Settings › Points

Ads Campaigns
You may use your wallet funds to create ad campaigns to advertise on the sidebar or newsfeed. 

Wallet Funds
May be used to buy pro packages or ad space.